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Asset Allocation: Determine your Risk Profile

The best assets allocation depends of the risk profile. By answering some questions, we will help your to find which risk profile (and consequently which portfolio allocation) better suits you.


1. When do you need to cash in your portfolio (for retirement, ...)?

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2. Which part of your portfolio do you plan to sell within the year (to purchase a house,...)?

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3. Which proportion of your assets are used to cover indispensable expenses or to cover unnecessary (superfluous) expenses?

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4. Which level of loss on your portfolio is for you acceptable?

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5. How do you react if you suffer a temporary 10% loss on your investment?

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Within each asset class, the portfolio must be diversified. More on the subject? Click here

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Asset Allocation

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  • Measuring risks
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  • Limits to diversification
  • Measuring price sensibility
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