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underground economy - all employment and transactions on which tax is not paid (= black economy).

undersell or undercut - to sell goods more cheaply than competitors.

undervalued - a company whose stock market value is less than that of its assets.

underwrite - to guarantee to buy, or find buyers for, a security issue; to take on the risk of paying for losses in accordance with the conditions of an insurance contract.

underwriter - an organization, usually a bank, that purchases a share issue, hoping to sell it to the public; an insurance company that undertakes to meet losses.

unearned income - income from property (rents) and investments (interest and dividends) as opposed to wages or salaries.

unemployed - (all the people) not working but looking for work.

unemployment - the situation in which there are not enough jobs available for the people looking for them.

unissued capital - that part of a company's authorized share capital that has not yet been offered for sale.

unitary elasticity of demand - exists when a price cut produces such a small change in sales that total revenue remains unchanged.

unit-of-measure principle - all transactions have to be accounted for and recorded in a single monetary unit.

unit trusts (GB) or mutual funds (US) - organizations that place investors' money in a variety of stocks and shares.

universal banks - banks which combine deposit and loan banking with share and bond dealing, investment advice, etc.

unlimited liability - the legal obligation to pay all one's debts, if necessary by the sale of one's possessions.

unlisted securities - stocks or shares of companies not listed on the main stock exchanges.

upturn - the end of a recession, when an economy begins expanding again.

value-added tax (VAT) - a sales tax collected at each stage of production, excluding the already-taxed costs from previous stages.

variable - a quantity that is liable to change; the adjective describing such a quantity.

variable costing - see direct costing.



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